A Time For Renewal

Thomas Graffeo |

Spring is a time for renewal. Many of us are desirous of shaking off the anxiety, discomfort and pain we have known since we first heard the words ‘global pandemic.’ We have seen a lot of damage over the last two years –to our health, to our families, to the economy and to some of the institutions we value and trust. With all that in mind, we offer this. Despite all the circumstances in our lives and world - God is still in control, he is still ruling and he still has a plan.

In Mark 4: 35-41 we find the disciples in a physical, emotional and spiritual storm. Jesus calmed that storm and reassured them.  He encouraged them to ‘have faith.’ What is this faith?  It’s a faith that carries us through the storms in our lives. Our faith grows ‘in storms’ when we do a couple of things. When we live in a healthy awe of God’s power, knowing He is in control. When we keep our current circumstances in perspective, not giving them more weight than they deserve. When we see that God is up to something we cannot see that is just as real as the storm we do see. What does this perspective look like practically in our lives? It includes loving others, serving others, living wisely, being in God’s Word, encouraging one another, planning for the future and trusting God to set our path.

There's no better time than spring to bring some renewal to our lives. This issue of American Lifestyle magazine embraces spring by reinvigorating your mind, body and home. Artist Alex Brewer certainly knows how to play well with color, using bold colors and abstract shapes. Have you tried ‘glamping?’ This trendy concept is a glamorous form of camping. Do you need to reorganize your bookshelves? There are some helpful tips for how to arrange your books.

As spring emerges, we also suggest you consider a deep dive into your finances.  Dove Investments has many tools to help you do this and to assist you with any needed steps. Don’t hesitate to reach out – we are always here for you. 

The Dove Investments Team

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