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Your Values

Your values are the driving force behind everything Dove Investment Research & Management does. We will design a plan that reflects your values and respects your principles.

Your Money

Your money is our priority, and we treat it like our own. We view our fiduciary responsibility and stewardship of your money as the ultimate in trust, and act accordingly.

Our Solutions

Our solutions build upon both of these. We are an independent, faith-based financial firm that develops objective, personalized portfolios to strategically address your financial and personal goals.

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Thomas Graffeo |
Autumn brings many changes both in nature and in life. It's a beautiful time when trees trade their lush green leaves for crisp red and yellow ones. One of the most beautiful aspects of fall is that it kicks off the season of giving. Giving is an attribute of God and we are most like God when we are generous, giving back to the work of God and to those in need.
Thomas Graffeo |
Celebrating Our Great Nation. Notwithstanding all that is going on in our nation, there are many reasons to be grateful. We live in a country committed to freedom, liberty, justice, and opportunity for all.

Our Process


Your priorities are our priorities. In the first meeting, we will get to know each other and what’s important to you. Here is where you will be able to see if we are a good fit for you. If you decide to move forward, we will develop a plan specific to your goals.


In this meeting, we propose strategies to pursue your goals and develop a solid game plan. We talk about meeting your plans, risks we may encounter and costs or fees. Transparency and clarity are emphasized.


If you choose to move forward, meeting three is where we will take the first steps to implement your individualized plan. From here on, regular meetings will be scheduled to verify your investments are working toward your goals. 

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