Renewed Freedom and Hope

Dove Investments Team |

Summertime means kids at home, trips to the beach, travel, visits to the local ice-cream shop, and scrumptious meals at our backyard gatherings.  Will that be the case this summer for us as we continue our emergence from the global pandemic that changed so much of our lives and freedoms over the last 18 months?  These months have been heavy and exhausting, with barely enough time to breathe before the next piece of not-so-great COVID-19 news drops. It seems though, that we are rounding a corner as cases fall and vaccines become more available.  HOPE is re-emerging. Things are starting to ‘open’ up around us.  Here in Southern California, we are seeing the re-opening of outdoor gatherings at Angel and Dodger Stadiums, amusement parks, beaches, and a reduction in mask requirements. Churches are meeting for worship – indoors and out.  Families and friends are getting together, enjoying times lost over the last year.  Our prayer is that you will enjoy the days of summer as they linger into late September and we will all enjoy a renewed sense of hope and freedom in the Lord and in our nation.

If there is any way we can help you live with greater Hope and live out God’s purposes in your life, please do not hesitate to call upon the Dove team.

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