Going Deeper in 2024

Thomas Graffeo |

The New Year offers each one of us an opportunity to consider who we want to be or what we want to do in the year ahead. We, at Dove Investments, are seeking to ‘Go Deeper.’  What does this mean for us?  We want to 'Go Deeper': In our own journey as Christ followers; In the service we provide to our Dove Family; In leading you in your journey as a Christ follower; In leading you in growing your values, goals and financial plan.

For Christ follower's, going deeper with God and people is the deepening of our relationship with God through a journey of spiritual growth, community, and service. Christ followers believe in the importance of aligning their lives with God’s Word and seeking to live out amongst their neighbors the love and grace of Jesus. This journey extends beyond personal life and adds a community aspect. We strive to build authentic relationships characterized by a commitment to serving others.

What are some possibilities for each of us as we seek to ‘Go Deeper’ in 2024? We seek to: Become certified Kingdom Advisors – enhancing our ability to deliver biblical financial guidance; Ensure all communications and interactions with our Dove Family more deeply reflect our faith and values; See each member of Dove Family encouraged in their spiritual journey and serving in their community.

For every one of us ‘Going Deeper’ means to find our path in living out the Great Commandment – ‘loving God with all one's heart, soul, and mind, and loving one's neighbor as oneself.’

This issue of American Lifestyle is here to inspire you with tips for bringing some stylish and functional lighting into your living spaces, a look at advances in civilian space travel, and a trip to a Southern metropolitan area where you can really let the good times roll. 

Looking forward to a great year of ‘Going Deeper!'

The Dove Investment Team

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